Mette Marie Johansen

Talent Prize to Mette Marie Johansen - Women in Physics

tirsdag 19 nov 13

About Network for Women in Physics

"Netværk for Kvinder i fysik" (Kif) is a section of the Danish Physical Society. Kif establishes a network among Danish female physicists and makes them more visible in the scientific community as well as in society. The society also works on increased recruitment of women into education and research within physics.

The scientific evaluation panel consists of Merete Bilde, professor at Århus University, Kari Tanderup. Assistant Professor at Århus University and  Nils O. Andersen, professor at Copenhagen University.

Mette Marie Johansen is awarded the KIF 2013 talent prize for ground breaking studies on instabilities in rod fiber amplifiers. Her work comprises fundamental science as well as applied science important for future design of rod fiber lasers.

Mette Marie Johansen is a PhD Student in DTU Fotonik's research group Fiber Optics, Devices & Nonlinear Effects led by Professor Karsten Rottwitt. Her main supervisor is Jesper Lægsgaard.


One of 10 candidates, Mette Marie Johansen was selected by the Selection panel on the following grounds:

"The KIF 2013 talent prize goes to Mette Marie Johansen (MMJ) from the Department of Photonics Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Fotonik). MMJ was enrolled at the Honors program in physics and nanotechnology at DTU and obtained her Master’s degree in 2011. Already during her undergraduate and master studies MMJ obtained two prizes for her work and demonstrated international mobility by studying a semester in Singapore. Before starting her PhD studies she worked in 2011 as development engineer at NKT Photonics.  

MMJ focuses on the applicability of high quality research. She started her PhD studies at the Department of Photonics Engineering at DTU in 2012 in collaboration with NKT Photonics. She has demonstrated scientific excellence and her work has already been of importance to Danish Industry . Until now, MMJ has published eight peer reviewed papers in international journals and she is the first author on four of them .

MMJ has demonstrated dedication and ambitions to contribute to important and relevant physics research. She has promising possibilities for pursuing an international career in science and for developing her research leadership potential.

We believe that MMJ will be an excellent role model for the next generation of young physicists."