Professor Leif Oxenløwe Elected OSA Fellow

onsdag 24 okt 18


Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe
Professor, Gruppeleder
DTU Electro
45 25 37 84


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Professor Leif Oxenløwe from DTU Fotonik has been elected a Fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA) for his achievements in optical communication.

Leif Oxenløwe is being recognized for “outstanding contributions to the harnessing of nonlinear optics applied to optical communications as energy-efficient light sources and ultra-broadband advanced optical signal processors.”

Professor Oxenløwe’s research is centred on optical communication, optical signal processing, nonlinear optics and silicon photonics.

He became Professor at DTU Fotonik in 2009 where he is currently the centre leader of SPOC (Silicon Photonics for Optical Communications) - a Danish National Research Foundation Centre of Excellence.

SPOC addresses the optical communication infrastructures of the future with the aim of finding solutions to the major challenges of communication systems – energy consumption and capacity. ”Today 9% of all consumption of electricity in the world is used for communications, and the data traffic worldwide is growing with 20-30% per year. So energy-efficient solutions for faster data transmission is vital for the future,” says Leif Oxenløwe.

Professor Oxenløwe received the Director Ib Henriksen Foundation’s Researcher Award 2017 for his work in this field.

The selection of Fellows is based on specific scientific, engineering, educational and technological contributions, technical or industry leadership in the field as well as service to OSA and the global optics community. No more than 10 percent of the total OSA membership may be Fellows at any given time, making each year’s honorees a highly selective group.

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