Ink-free, plasmonic color generation

mandag 28 nov 16


Anders Kristensen
Sektionsleder, Professor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
45 25 63 31


N. Asger Mortensen
Samarbejdspartner CNG
DTU Fysik

A new review paper, published by DTU researchers in Nature Reviews Materials [1], describes an emerging technology for ink-free color printing, where colours are generated by light interacting with metallic nanostructures. The basic properties and recent nano  developments are highlighted by comparing technology-performance indicators for conventional (ink-based) and ink-free (metal nanostructure) color technologies.

The authors, Professor Anders Kristensen (DTU Nanotech) and Professor N. Asger Mortensen (DTU Photonics Engineering) do research on this kind of advanced materials for colour generation by nano-textured surfaces [2,3,4], and collaborate with industry on applying this kind of engineered, advanced materials for color decoration of plastic consumer products [5]. The new review paper was written as part of the International Network Programm ALSCIN between DTU and Rice University (USA).

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