Researchers from DTU Fotonik Demonstrate Fano Laser

torsdag 15 dec 16


Jesper Mørk
Professor, Sektionsleder
DTU Electro
45 25 57 65

Researchers from DTU Fotonik have demonstrated a new type of laser with a mirror that is based on Fano interference between a continuum of waveguide modes and the discrete resonance of a nanocavity.

The Fano mirror has a high reflectivity in a narrow bandwidth and opens the possibility of modulating the laser via the mirror. This effect is so strong that the laser is observed to undergo a transition to a regime of self-pulsing, thus realizing the first nanolaser that generates short optical pulses. The laser has the prospect of being modulated at frequencies above one terahertz.

This work was conducted by Yi Yu, Weiqi Xue, Elizaveta Semenova, Kresten Yvind and Jesper Mork, as part of the Research Centre NATEC, funded by Villum Fonden, and was recently published in Nature Photonics. 

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