Lecture by Prof. Sophie LaRochelle, Université Laval, Canada

Title: Optical fibers and amplifiers for space division multiplexing



Space division multiplexing in single core or multicore fibers is under investigation to scale the capacity of next generation networks. In this presentation, we will review our recent research in few mode optical fibers for short reach data communications and multicore erbium-doped fibers for spatially integrated amplifiers. We first propose to exploit the full modal basis of polarization maintaining fibers to maximize spatial channel density of short links. Our goal is to design polarization- maintaining few mode fibers (PM-FMF), with birefringence larger than 1x10-4, that can support MIMO-less transmissions over several kms. We will review design proposals of PM-FMF found in the literature and present our transmission results of six-channels over the vector modes of an elliptical ring core. We further investigate, through numerical simulations, novel approaches to scale the number of spatial modes while maintaining birefringence. In the second part of this talk, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of multicore erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs). We will summarize our results in the design of cladding-pumped EDFAs to maximize pumping efficiency and output saturation power.


Short bio:

Professor Sophie LaRochelle received a Ph.D. degree in optics from the College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona, USA. She is a professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Université Laval, and a member of the Center for optics, photonics and lasers (COPL). She holds a Canada Research Chair in Advanced Photonics Technologies for Communications. Prof. LaRochelle is an expert in fiber optics, having co-authored more than 400 journal and conference papers. Her current research is focused on active and passive components for optical communication systems including optical fibers for space division multiplexing, multicore and multimode erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, as well as silicon photonic filters and modulators. Over the years, she has made contributions to the field of fiber lasers, all-optical signal processing, analog optical transmissions, and code division multiple access with frequency encoding. Prof. LaRochelle has directed the work of more than 70 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Prof. LaRochelle is an OSA Fellow and is currently serving as Director at Large on the OSA Board of Directors.


tir 19 feb 19
13:00 - 14:00


DTU Electro



Lyngby Campus
Bld. 341, aud: 22