DTU Bioengineering symposium

Bioengineering in Food and Feed Production

On 13 November 2019, DTU Bioengineering hosts the one-day symposium Bioengineering in Food and Feed Production.

The symposium outlines how microorganisms, microbiomes, enzymes, or peptide/antibody-based solutions that do not harm the environment can be used to replace antibiotics, pesticides and other harmful chemicals that has been used in food and feed production for growth promotion and protection against infections of plants and animals; both terrestrial and aquatic.

Highlights are the discovery and design of enzymes, phages and microorganisms that can be used as alternatives to antimicrobials or pesticides and the technologies supporting the design and production of such organisms or enzymes. Also approaches to determine the degree and specificity of microbial antibiotic resistance are outlined.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Kevin Foster, Professor, University of Oxford
  • Karsten Kristiansen, Professor, University of Copenhagen
  • Gabriele Berg, Professor, Graz University of Technology
  • Lone Gram, Professor Technical University of Denmark.

The keynote presentations are followed by lunch and a poster session to which we strongly encourage young scientists to bring and present a poster.

The afternoon program is divided into two sessions with presentations by researchers from DTU Bioengineering and industry.

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ons 13 nov 19
9:00 - 17:30


DTU Bioengineering



Anker Engelunds Vej 1
Building 101 A
2800 Lyngby