PhD defence by Kyei Kwarkye

Title:  Mid-infrared Supercontinuum light sources For food control applications 

Principal supervisor: Professor Ole Bang, DTU Fotonik, Denmark
Co-supervisor: Researcher Christian Rosenberg Petersen, DTU Fotonik, Denmark

Evaluation Board
Professor Peter Uhd Jepsen, DTU Fotonik, Denmark
Ass. Prof. Franciscus Johannes Maria Harren, Radbound University, Netherlands  
Vice President Jacob Riis Folkenberg, FOSS Analytical, Denmark

Master of the Ceremony
Ass.Prof. Christos Markos, DTU Fotonik, Denmark

The mid-infrared region of light is of utmost importance because there exist unique absorption fingerprints of all molecules that can be used to characterize them. Such characterization technique include spectroscopy which involves light interaction with molecules and can be used to monitor food adulteration. Current spectroscopic instrumentation rely on thermal emitters as light source. They are spatially incoherent (emits in all directions) and have a low power spectral density (limited brightness). Supercontinuum generation thus, offer the needed platform to mitigate the challenges of thermal emitters. It involves the interaction of an intense single color laser pulse with a nonlinear medium (optical fiber) to generate new colors of light. Since the new colors of light come from the tip of an optical fiber, they are spatially coherent and can be easily manipulated in an optical setup. In this work we build a high power, compact, all-fiber, mid-infrared supercontinuum source that span the wavelength range of 800 – 4200 nm. We built a dedicated spectroscopic setup incorporating the supercontinuum source. We investigate various spectroscopic configurations that can lead to obtaining absorption spectra of food samples in specific regions of interest. We finally applied data visualization to the measured spectra to see correlation and variances among the measured samples

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