The funding for research to the UNO activities is listed below.

Total funding: 46 MDKK (6.2 M€) including overhead since 2005.

Total own funding: 25 MDKK (3.3 M€) including overhead as project coordinator, PI or scientist in charge.


  • SUPUVIR: SUPercontinuum broadband light sources covering UV to IR applications, H2020 MCSA Innovative Training Networks, European Commission, 4.018 M€ total (1.16 M€ own funding), Morten Bache project coordinator and supervisor of 3 Ph.D. projects. 


  • Gas-filled hollow-core fibers for ultrafast nonlinear optics, Carlsbergfondet, 250,000 DKK for equipment
  • Novel ultrafast mid-IR laser source for spectroscopy, International Network Programme, Danish National Research Council, 164,707 DKK for traveling


  • Femto-midIR: Femtosecond few-cycle mid-infrared laser pulses, Danish Research Council for Technology and Production Sciences, 5,757,434 DKK


  • Marie Curie Incoming International Fellowship (Xianglong Zeng, fellow), Cascaded optical pulse compres­sor, FP7 (People), European Commission, 303,598 € (2.26 mio. DKK).
  • DFF Young Elite Researchers Award for Morten Bache, The Danish Councils for Independent Research, online, 270,000 DKK


  • Femto-VINIR: Few-cycle femtosecond optical pulses in the visible and near-infrared, Danish Research Council for Technology and Production Sciences, 5,377,321 DKK.


  • Steno Postdoc grant Nanostructured polymer photonic crystal fibers for effective second-harmonic generation, Danish Natural Science Research Council, 1,680,510 DKK.