Student projects

Here you can get info on possible projects that you can work with in our group. 

The projects in our group are mainly experimentally driven, and at the same time driven by a desire to dive deep into the theory of physics behind atoms and molecules, materials, as well as the various phases (solids, liquids, gases, plasmas). The projects can be based on the following topics

  • THz transport properties in novel 2D materials
  • THz-induced ultrafast electron optics
  • Nonlinear THz molecular spectroscopy
  • THz imaging applications
  • Nonlinear optics in hollow-core gas-filled fibers
  • Ultrafast nonlinearities in nanophotonic devices
  • Few-cycle mid-IR pulses
  • Ultrafast mid-IR nonlinear optics

You can download a poster with more details about the projects here, and read more details here