Focusing a femtosecond beam in air and passing an IR card in front of camera

Lab facilities

Here we list some of the femtosecond lasers we operate daily to perform our research activities.

The Spitfire Pro Laser System

  • Millenia solid state pump – 5 W pump for Tsunami
  • Tsunami – Ti:sapphire oscillator: 0.7 W, < 35 fs, 800 nm, 76 MHz rep rate
  • Empower – Q-switched Nd:YLF pump for Spitfire – 30 W at 527 nm.
  • Spitfire Pro XP – Regenerative amplifier with room for 2nd stage amplification
  • Two TOPAS-C, Light Conversion – Supercontinuum based optical parametric amplifiers (one optimized for 1 mm) with external mixers (SHS, SHI, SFI). Tuning range from 530 nm – 2.8 μm.
  • Two synchronized Toptica femtosecond lasers operating at 1550 nm providing 100 fs pulses at an average power of about 400 mW.

The Spitfire Ace laser system

  • MaiTai oscillator 
  • 1 kHz 6 mJ 100 fs regenerative amplifier
  • TOPAS-HE followed by non-collinear DFG stage, giving mid-IR conversion up to 10,000 nm 

Other Equipment

  • Closed cycle He cryostat with vacuum system.
  • Ocean Optics fiber coupled spectrometers.
  • Bruker FTIR (wavelength range from 8000 cm-1 – 30 cm-1).
  • A wide range of detection electronics.