EU PhD School on POF sensors

The ITN QTea project is aimed at preparing a cohort of (mostly) early-stage researchers for the emerging challenges in quantum technology development and applications across all sectors, i.e. from academic environments to industrial device fabrication. The scientific scope of the network focuses on the physics of modern quantum sensors based on precision measurements of inertial forces, electro- magnetic fields, and time. The targeted applications are:

  • Gravitational probing
  • Rotation sensing
  • Field probes and magnetic surface microscopy
  • Atomic clocks and precision spectroscopy

Our collaboration of various partners from academia and industry will help young researchers to gain knowledge and experience across the value chain. On the fundamental side, important ideas and major contributions to current research in this field have originated from atomic physics and quantum optics. Highly sensitive measurements can be performed using various types of optical as well as matter wave interferometry, and QTea puts an emphasis on these research areas. Working towards real work applications, our industrial partners contribute valuable experience ranging from 

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Ole Bang
Professor, Group Leader
DTU Fotonik
+4545 25 63 73