Metamaterials Group Members

Group Leader: 
Associate Professor, D.Sci. Andrei Lavrinenko

Senior Members and Postdocs:

- Dr. Radu Malureanu

- Dr. Osamu Takayama

Dr. Evgeniy Shkondin

Dr. Akira Kudo

Ph.D. Students:

- Johneph Sukham

Larissa Vertchenko

- Rasmus Elkjær Jacobsen

- Einstom Engay

- Dewang Huo (Guest Ph.D student)

Pre-doctoral Students:

- Sarah Elisabeth Hussein El Dib (MSc student)

Associate Member: 

- Adjunct Associate Professor Alexandra Boltasseva
(permanent address: School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University, Indiana, USA)


***Former Group Members and Alumni***

Guest Professors:

- Prof. Igor Tsukerman, University of Akron, OH, USA

Senior Members and Postdocs:

- Dr. Sergei Zhukovsky
- Dr. Andrey Novitsky, currently with Belarusian State University as Assistant Professor.
- Dr. Andrei Andryieuski

PhD Students:

Dr. Taavi Repän, "Dark-field hyperlens, High-constrast subwavelength imaging in optics and acoustics," Supervisors Andrei Lavrinenko, Morten Willatzen (defended 26.02.2019), currently with Karlsrue Institute of Technology
Dr. Christian Frydendahl, "
Experimental exploration of gold semi-continuous films in the near- and far-field," Supervisors Nicolas Stenger, Andrei Lavrinenko, N. Asger Mortensen (defended 02.11.2017), currently with The Hebrew University of Jerusarem.
- Dr. Mohammad Esmail Aryaee Panah, "Design and fabrication of mid-IR plasmonic materials based on highly doped III-V Semiconductors," Supervisors Andrei Lavrinenko, Elizaveta Semenova (defended 14.07.2017), currently with Radiometer Denmark.
- Dr. Evgeniy Shkondin, "Fabrication of Hyperbolic Metamaterials using Atomic Layer Deposition," Supervisors Andrei Lavrinenko, Flemming Jensen (defended 08.02.2017), currently with DTU Nanolab.
- Dr. Oleg Lysenko, “Nonlinear optical properties of ultrathin metal layers”, Supervisors Andrei Lavrinenko, Morten Bache (defended 08.08.2016) 
- Dr. Claudia Gritti, “Metal nanoparticles for thin film solar cells”, Supervisors Andrei Lavrinenko, Radu Malureanu, Beata Kardinal (defended 27.10.2014)

- Dr. Maksim Zalkovskij, “Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of chalcogenide glasses and devices for terahertz radiation manipulation”, Supervisors Andrei Lavrinenko, Peter Uhd Jepsen, Radu Malureanu (defended on 11.12.2013)
- Dr. Viktoriia Babicheva,“Ultra-compact plasmonic waveguide modulators”, Supervisors Andrei Lavrinenko, Alexandra Boltasseva (defended on 29.11.2013), currently with University of Arizona as Tenue-Track Assistant Professor.
- Dr. Andrei Andryieuski, "Negative Index Materials and Plasmonic Antennas Based Nanocouplers”, Supervisors: Andrei Lavrinenko, Radu Malureanu (defenced 28.10.2011)
- Dr. Aliaksandra M. Ivinskaya, “Finite-difference frequency-domain method in nanophotonics”, Supervisors: Andrei Lavrinenko (defended 15.06.2011)
- Dr. Rasmus Bundgaard Nielsen, "Metal-dielectric superlenses for ultraviolet and visible light”, Supervisors Jørn M. Hvam, Anders Kristensen, Alexandra Boltasseva (defended 11.04.2011) 
- Dr. Lirong Yang, "Topology Optimization of Nanophotonic Devices” Supervisors Jørn M. Hvam, Andrei Lavrinenko, Ole Sigmund (defended 17.03.2011) 

Visiting Students:

- Maryam Mahmoodi (Guest Ph.D student)
- Fatemeh Moharrami (Guest Ph.D student)
- Oleh Yermakov (Guest Ph.D student)
- Sezer Köse (Undergraduate Intern)

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We really are a diverse bunch.

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For example there are a couple of opportunities for postdocs!

If you would like to join the group, please contact the group leader, Prof. Andrei Lavrinenko. 

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Andrei Laurynenka
Associate Professor, Group Leader
DTU Fotonik
+4545 25 63 92