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Metamaterials Group

At Metamaterials Group we analyze, fabricate, and characterize nanostructures and metamaterials.
These newly emerging photonic structures have a wide range of possibilities in directing and controlling light – from simple waveguiding all the way up to rendering objects invisible.

For more information about us, see our research directions and list of members.

Group updates

January 2020:

Our recent work on Kirkendall effect has been published in JVSTA!


January 2020:

Our recent work on microsphere nanoscopy has been published in OSA Continuum!


December 2019:

Larissa Vertchenko was at Mazur's group in Harvard University for 3 months of external research stay, supported by Otto Mønsteds Fond


December 2019:

Leonid Beliaev joined the group as a Ph.D student.
Welcome to the team!

November 2019:

Our recent work on water-based antenna has been published in Applied Sciences!


November 2019:

New student project added! Meta-holograms for light shaping, Micro-fluidic channelsStabilising silver-mixing and matching, and The unknown side of gold!


October 2019:

Our review paper on hyperbolic metamaterials is one of Top Downloaded in September and August from JOSAB!


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Andrei Laurynenka
Associate Professor, Group Leader
DTU Fotonik
+45 45 25 63 92