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Advanced video coding. Error correction. Picture coding, MPEG for video, Distributed video coding.

Coding & Visual Communication Group

Søren Forchhammer, Professor, Group leader

Telephone: 4525 3622


Coherent detection systems, DSP techniques, optical sampling for wireless o ver fiber, baseband high capacity transmission systems and access network applications. All-optical envelope detection of wireless signals, consolidation of baseband and wireless signal transportation over a common fiber-to-the-home infra structure. WDM PON systems.

Metro-Access & Short Range Communications

Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, Professor, Group leader

Telephone: 4525 3782


Communicaiton systems. Network technologies. Optical Networks, Wireless networks.

Networks Technology & Service Platforms

Lars Dittmann, Professor, Group leader

Telephone: 4525 3851

Optical communicaiton. Optical signal processing. Ultra-fast serial optical data signals. Nonlinear optics. Network functionalities. Terabit per second ethernet. Data communicaiton.

High-Speed Optical Communications

Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe, Professor, Group leader

Telephone: 4525 3784


Wave guide based components, which can generate or manipulate light. Fiber Optics & Nonlinear Effects

Karsten Rottwitt, Professor, Group leader

Telephone: 4525 6384


Theoretical and numerical modeling of nonlinear optical phenomena. Nonlinear optics. Ultra-fast femtosecond optics in fibers and nonlinear crystals. Fiber Sensors & Supercontinuum

Ole Bang, Professor, Group leader

telephone: 4525 6373


Terahertz (THz), terahertz spectroscopy,  terahertz time domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS),  time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy (TRTS), terahertz imaging, femtosecond lasers, femtosecond fibre lasers, high power terahertz sources, ultrafast dynamics, nanostructure carrier dynamics, terahertz waveguides,  femtoacoustics, biosensing 

Terahertz Technologies & Biophotonics

Peter Uhd Jepsen, Professor, Group leader

Telephone:4677 4506



Lasers. Diode lasers. LED systems.
Diode Laser & LED Systems

Paul-Michael Petersen,

Professor, Group leader

Telephone: 4525 3778


Optical sensors, micro- and nanostructured materials for sensing purposes and production of micrometer-nanometer thin films with pulsed laser

deposition (PLD).

Optical Microsensors & Micromaterials

Jørgen Schou, Senior Scientist, dr. scient, Group Leader

Telephone: 4677 4755


Optiske sensorer. Signalanalyse. Holografi. Optiske målemetoder.   Optical Sensor Technology

Christian Pedersen, Group Leader

Telephone: 4525 3778



Fabrication of (optical) semiconductor devices, III-V semiconductors (InAlGaAsP), MOVPE crystal growth (Epitaxy), Photonic integrated circuits (PIC), Mode-locked (semiconductor) lasers, Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL), Quantum structures (quantum wells and dots), Optoelectronics (physics and applications), Laser dynamics (device dynamics), Optical communication systems.
Nanophotonics Devices

Kresten Yvind, Associate Professor, Group leader

Telephone: 4525 6366


Slow light, quantum dots, photonic crystals, single photon sources, lasers, ultrafast devices, carrier dynamics, optical signal processing, pump-probe spectroscopy, theoretical methods, numerical simulations
Nanophotonics Theory & Signals Processing

Jesper Mørk, Professor, Group leader

Telephone: 4525 5765 


Electromagnetic field theory, numerical solution of Maxwells equations, numerical methods in photonics, FDTD calculations; Photonic bandgap structures and photonic crystals, photonic crystal waveguides, slow light;  
Metal optics, plasmonics, metamaterials, superlens, cloaking, nanofabrication technologies, metal-dielectric deposition
Andrei Lavrinenko, Associate Professor, Group leader 

Telephone: 4525 6392



Metamaterials, plasmonics, photonic crystals, light-matter interactions, nanophotonics, structured materials 
Structured Electromagnetic Materials

N. Asger Mortensen, Professor, Group leader

telephone: 4525 6622