High-Speed Optical Communications Group

Welcome to our group! We are a young and dynamic group, our members come from different countries with rich international experience. Our group holds the world records for both the highest transmission capacity (1 Pbit/s) per fiber and the highest serial data rate (1.28 Tbaud).

We are currently focusing on the following research topics:

Nonlinear optical signal processing:

                Parametric effects, time lenses

    Digital signal processing:

    Coherent optical communication


Photonic chips for 

future supercomputers




Space-division multiplexing:
Multi-core/multi-mode fibers

Data center applications  

   Ultra-high-speed communication:

  1.28 Tbit/s serial data, THz photonics

Research themes:

Space, time, silicon (space+optical signal processing), THz, time lenses, WDM advanced modulation regeneration, data centers, phase-sensitive

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You are welcome to contact us for potential collaborations. Our group is also constantly looking for excellent and ambitious visiting researchers, Postdoc and PhD students. Bachelor and Master students are strongly encouraged to choose their thesis topics from our group!

Group Leader: Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe