Quantum Light Sources

Artistic illustration of micropillar-based single-photon sources emitting single photons towards the top.

Quantum Light Sources

By understanding, we push the frontiers of tomorrow’s technology

In the Quantum Light Sources group at DTU Fotonik, we design, simulate and fabricate nano-devices that operate according to the rules of quantum mechanics for application in photonic quantum technologies. Our objective is to develop quantum light sources based on semiconductor quantum dots with near-unity efficiency and photon indistinguishability approaching 100%.

The quantum world offers outstanding opportunities for information and communication technology applications. Examples include, among others, the realization of new quantum computing platforms that outperform any existing super-computing system in the world. Such a powerful computer would be able to perform incredibly complex calculations, such as solving logistics problems for transportation and delivery companies and predict the correct composition of new drugs in pharmaceutical research.

In the Quantum Light Sources group, we are trying to realize the indispensable building blocks for these new quantum technologies, which require to manipulate and generate individual photon states “on demand”.

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