• Black Strings

    Building integrated photovoltaics are entering a new era and more and more components are entering the market enabling great aestetics combined with high energy production. Strings are one of the most visually distorting components of the traditional solar panels produced with front and back contacted solar cells. The Black String process and equipment treats the strings electrochemically leaving them black with no bleaching in the sunlight over time

  • Solar Powered IoT Solutions - Green IoT 
  • DronEL

    A fast and accurate inspection of large photovoltaic plants using aerial drone imaging.
    The purpose of this DronEL project is to develop and bring to market an aerial drone based automated solution (DronEL) used for a full PV plant survey for more accurate survey in less time. The automatic drone-based inspection method combines IR, EL and PL imaging, and visual images.

  • Development of intelligent solar powered lighting system
  • Two Dimensional Transition-Metal-Dichalcogenides
  • BiSun Boost
  • EnClose - Smart facadeskin for new built and retrofit