Nanophotonic Devices

Nanophotonic Devices

Better diagnosis and greener internet

The Nanophotonic devices group enables, designs, fabricates, and characterizes nanophotonic devices for bio and health technology, communication technology, green and sustainable energy and quantum technology. To educate world class experts in mentioned areas we are suggesting interesting and challenging research projects for all level of students, bachelor, master and PhD.

In health, for example, we are working to improve the technology for diagnosing eye diseases. Furthermore, we are research to improve the communication technology, so that the future internet will be both faster and use far less energy. Finally, we are also researching quantum technology in the goal of contributing to the development of the quantum computer.

The quantum computer can be an important tool for the development of secure communication on the internet, new drugs, chemicals, catalyst a.o. by allowing simulations of the quantum systems.

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