The focus of the Machine Learning in Photonic Systems Group at DTU Fotonik is on the development and application of machine learning techniques to advance photonic classical and quantum measurement, communication and sensing systems. 
Machine learning for efficient data transmission
The overall goal is to introduce some degree of intelligence to photonic systems to enable future generation of systems that can provide robust transmission, secure data transmission, and maximum theoretically achievable sensitivity and power efficiency.

We work on the development of efficient algorithms for the training of learning machines as well as on experimental demonstrations. So far, we have been able to demonstrate that machine learning enables record sensitivity in terms of phase and relative intensity noise measurements of laser and frequency comb sources. Moreover, we have shown that by using machine learning we enabled optimization arbitrary gain profiles wideband amplifiers are feasible. 


Darko Zibar
Professor, Group Leader
DTU Electro
+45 45 25 38 40