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Research of the High-Speed Optical Communications group

In the High-Speed Optical Communications Group at DTU Fotonik we research how to enable the more and more essential cyber functions in society that are critically dependent on a perfectly functioning communications infrastructure. 

Enabling future quantum simulators
In addition, our research in quantum circuits aims to enable future quantum simulators able to perform simulations of systems so complex they cannot be simulated today using standard computers. This could be complex molecular dynamics, e.g. useful for advanced design of novel medical drugs.

Working on most aspects of optical communications technologies

The High-Speed Optical Communications Group is working on most aspects of optical communications technologies. This ranges from integrated photonics for processing of optical data signals to development of high-capacity long-reach data transmission. 
We develop key technologies to improve performance and energy efficiency of future optical communications systems.
Some of the main technologies addressed in the group are:

- Communication and Cyber Technology; communications, digital and optical signal processing, high-capacity communications, nonlinear optics, photonic wireless and THz communications, broadband    sources for communications, silicon photonics, data centre interconnects, access networks  

- Green and Sustainable Societies; energy-efficient communications

- Quantum Technology; quantum cryptography.



Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe
Professor, Group Leader
DTU Electro
+45 45 25 37 84