• GeoZense 

    Partners from both industry (Pisco Group, Mermaid Seasystems, Atlantic Sapphire, AquaCircle) and academia (DTU Health Tech) will together with DTU Fotonik develop a biochemical polymer optical fiber sensor for detecting cortisol (stress hormone) and geosmin (earthy taste) levels in fish farms.

  • SHIP-COAT – Sub-surface, High-resolution Inspection of Paints and Coatings using nOn-destructive lAser Tomography

    The project is tasked with developing a portable laser-based OCT scanning system for sub-surface inspection of marine coatings, to detect onset of underfilm corrosion, delamination, and other coating defects. Other links: Laser light can reveal condition of ship paint. 


    TRIAGE will develop a smart, compact and cost-effective air quality sensor network for the hyperspectral detection of relevant atmospheric pollution gases. The sensor will be based on mid-infrared supercontinuum generation, multi-pass gas-cells, compact high sensitivity spectrometers, and cloud-based deep-learning algorithms.


    The ultraviolet laser technology developed in UVSUPER will enable high quality inspection and measurement of microchips - even smaller structures than what has been possible so far, and thereby support the growing Danish semiconductor industry.

Past projects