Fiber Optics, Devices and Nonlinear Effects

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Fiber optics, Devices & nonlinear effects group

Optical methods for better diagnostics and secure communication

As a society, we are facing significant challenges e.g. with too much CO2 emission and increased health expenses because of an increasing population worldwide. However, these challenges may be solved either directly or indirectly by using optics.

An example is the communication infrastructure of our modern society which almost entirely relies on optical fibers. Continued development of these systems is therefore crucial to fulfil the ever-increasing bandwidth demands required to connect the world.
Nevertheless, enhancing the existing communication infrastructure is not merely a matter of increasing the bandwidth, this also entails making the network more energy efficient. Currently, the internet is responsible for a considerable amount of the world’s CO2 emission, which negatively affects the world's climate. Thus, following UN Goal (11 and 13) it is crucial that the enhancement must rely on more energy-efficient devices and components to ensure not only scientific progress, but also sustainable progress.

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