DTU Fotonik in huge project to commercialize NB-IoT platform

Wednesday 15 Nov 17
by Mette Strægaard Emig


Sarah Renée Ruepp
Associate Professor
DTU Fotonik
+45 45 25 36 27

DTU Fotonik is joining forces with TDC, LEIKR and Huawei Finland in a project that will strengthen the Nordic region’s position in Internet of Things.

The 3-year long project will develop and extend the use of Narrow Band LTE IoT (NB-IoT) in the public, private and industrial sector in the Nordic regions. The overall vision is to develop and commercialize a platform based on NB-IoT.

This can make a huge difference in for example smart city applications and telemedicine, and allow some patients to get the same treatment from home as in the hospital during long term illness. The project can thus improve patient’s quality of life as well as the health sector in general.

"NB-IoT and IoT in general is an area in rapid development, and this collaboration between universities, suppliers and operators gives DTU Fotonik a unique opportunity to develop and test latest research results in an upcoming commercial environment", says Sarah Ruepp, Associate Professor at DTU Fotonik, when asked about the importance of the project and the advantageous collaboration.

DTU Fotonik will focus on the development of communication mechanisms for the platform units. This includes research in algorithms for efficient NB-IoT data transmission, design, modelling and evaluation of a reliable infrastructure that is tailored for IoT specific requirements as well as a specification of technological roadmaps from 4G to a NB-IoT compatible backbone.

The project has a budget of almost 20 million DKK. The Innovation Foundation is contributing with 7.5 million DKK for the Danish partners, including 3 million for DTU Fotonik.

Read the press release here

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