Cosmin Caba (foto: Bent Hulsrøj)

Cosmin Caba receives this year’s “Studerende Telepris”

Friday 28 Mar 14
PhD Student Cosmin Marius Caba is the happy recipient of this year’s Studerende Telepris from the Danish Engineering Association

Cosmin Caba traveled from Romania to DTU in 2010 to do his MSc Degree in Telecommunication. Before his first semester at DTU, Cosmin chose to spend part of his summer vacation attending DTU’s Summer University in Telecommunication.

That kind of dedication pays off. Three years later, Cosmin received the top grade for his MSc project.

The fruits of his MSc project have been implemented at DTU

While working on his MSc degree, Cosmin was lucky to get a student job which supplemented his field of study perfectly. He was able to combine knowledge from both sources and came up with an improvement to a tool for getting applications out to the end users by emulating full scale application in an operator’s network. His application has not only been implemented in the teaching at DTU Fotonik, it has also become one of the ways new students at DTU approach application development for mobile networks.

A young engineer who will have an impact on the future

This tool, enhanced in his MSc project, is what brought him the 2014 Telepris. The award is given by the Danish Engineering Association’s Technological Network, IDA Tele. According to IDA Tele, Cosmin will clearly be contributing to the development of telecommunications technologies of the future.

The next steps

Now a PhD Student in the Networks Technology & Service Platforms group at DTU Fotonik, Cosmin’s PhD project focuses on building novel services and applications which use the capabilities of network controllers. The project is called: Software defined networking – Applicability and service possibilities.

The Internet has become extremely difficult to manage because of the multitude and diversity of devices. Five years ago, a Stanford research group solved the first parts of the problem by centralizing the intelligence of network in the so-called network controllers. Cosmin aims to continue the work started there. Currently he is working on a paper on traffic engineering service and controlling data flows based on network policies.

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