DTU launches new study line in solar energy

Thursday 21 Jun 18


Sune Thorsteinsson
Project Manager
DTU Fotonik
+45 46 77 45 21

Five departments collaborate in establishing new study line

The study line in solar energy is a collaboration between DTU Fotonik, DTU Civil Engineering, DTU Electrical Engineering, DTU Energy and DTU Nanotech.

Five new courses have been formed, whereof large parts function as cross-departmental collaborations.

The courses aim to ensure that students achieve a solid understanding of the individual components in a Solar Energy system, along with knowledge about interaction between components, how a full system works, how it can be modelled and dimensioned and how the solar energy is interfacing to the energy system and the surrounding environment. 

DTU offers a new study line in solar energy as a new initiative. The new line has been established as the demand for qualified candidates in solar energy increases.

Solar energy is increasingly relevant for the future society, and DTU wishes to contribute to the development in this field. That was made clear by Dean of Research Katrine Krogh Andersen when DTU launched Solar DTU in the fall of 2017 as the new entry point into DTU’s research and counselling in solar energy. There Katrine also revealed the new study line in solar energy, which goes live in September 2018.

"Solar energy will play an important part in the future’s energy supply"
Sune Thorsteinsson

“We are proud to present the new study line. DTU will become the first university in Denmark with a study line in solar energy”, said Katrine Krogh Andersen.

Already popular

The new study line in solar energy is part of the MSc programme for Sustainable Energy. It has the purpose of educating engineers who can create the energy systems of the future.

“The new study line in solar cell energy is well received by upcoming graduate students. More students than expected have already applied and more might come before the August 1st deadline”, says Study Line Coordinator Sune Thorsteinsson from DTU Fotonik, who has been the prime force behind the establishment of the new study line.

Solar energy engineers in high demand

The new solar energy line has been formed because the Danish solar cell industry has expressed the need for more qualified candidates with professional knowledge in solar energy systems.

“Solar energy will play an important part in the future’s energy supply – both locally for the individual home owner and for larger facilities – and that’s why we need more qualified candidates who can develop the field further. Even though most solar energy products are expected to be produced in the East, planning and configuration represent the greater part of the expenses, and this is where the Danish engineers’ competences are in high demand”, Sune Thorsteinsson elaborates.

He is therefore convinced that there will be plenty of job opportunities when the first class of engineers graduate in 2020.

“The principle organisers behind the study line have a background in industry which, combined with many years of research experience in the field, provides us with a unique opportunity for targeting the education offer towards future needs”, Sune concludes. 

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