PhD defence by Rune Inglev

Title: Oxygen Sensing by Photoluminescence Using Polymer Optical Fibers – Principles, Fabrication and Design


Principal supervisor: Associate Professor Christos Markos, DTU Fotonik
Co-supervisor: Senior Researcher Jakob Janting, DTU Fotonik
Co-supervisor, CTO Kristian Nielsen, Shute Sensing Solutions, Denmark

Evaluation Board
Senior Researcher  Lars Lindvold, DTU Health Tech,
Professor David Webb, Aston University, UK
Professor Kyriacos Kalli, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus

Master of the Ceremony
Associate Professor Christos Markos, DTU Fotonik


Optical fibers are well known in the field of communications, where more and more households now receive access to the internet by way of optical fiber technology. However, optical fibers are useful in many other ways, including laser and sensor technology. The manufacturing of fiber optical sensors is heavily influenced by the material from which the optical fiber is made, and by using optical fibers made of polymeric material, one gains the advantage of a material which is more readily modified when compared to the more commonly used fiber material, namely silica. 

In this thesis, the use of polymer optical fibers for the fabrication of oxygen sensors is investigated, with emphasis on the use of so-called ‘solubility parameters’ for mixing of polymer and sensing compounds. The sensing compounds are called luminophores based on their ability to emit light of a different color than the one illuminating them. Some of these compounds respond to the presence of oxygen, and by measuring the emitted light it is possible to determine the concentration of oxygen at the sensing point on the fiber. These compounds must be mixed with the polymeric material, and the use of solubility parameters can facilitate this process. In addition, it is possible to add several luminescent compounds into the mix, allowing them to work together by way of a phenomenon called ‘Resonance Energy Transfer’ and increase the output of light.

How to fabricate and design such sensors is also touched upon in the thesis, primarily for investigation of a concept for measuring the oxygen concentration at several distinct points along the fiber.

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