PhD defence by Henrik Enggaard Hansen

Title: Information theory and signal processing for the nonlinear optical transmission



Principal supervisor: Professor Søren Otto Forchhammer, Department of Fotonics, DTU, Denmark
Co-supervisor: Professor Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe, Department of Fotonics, DTU, Denmark
Co-supervisor: Researcher Metodi Yankov, Department of Fotonics, DTU, Denmark

Evaluation Board

Associate Professor Karsten Rottwitt, Department of Fotonics, DTU, Denmark
Associate Professor Andrea Carena, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Dr. Alex Alvarado, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Master of the Ceremony

Professor Darko Zibar, Department of Fotonics, DTU, Denmark


Fiber-optic communication forms the backbone of modern communication infrastructure, enabling not only a highly connected society, but also a society where the capacity to transfer data is ever growing and seemingly unlimited. However, in the recent years, the reality of a ceiling on this capacity has been potentially looming over the optical communication industry. In the previous decades, paradigm shifts in optical communication have enabled new heights in possible data rates and the eyes are set for the next big leap.

A key challenge for future optical communication is tackling the nonlinear nature of the fiber medium. The research in this thesis investigates the interaction between these nonlinear effects in the fiber and the algorithms in the equipment around it. Methods are developed for optimizing transmission signals for highly nonlinear scenarios; for understanding devices, which seek to exploit these nonlinear effects to increase data rates; and, finally, for monitoring these effects using cost-effective solutions.


Tue 08 Feb 22
13:30 - 16:30


DTU Electro


The defence will take place in Building 341, auditorium 023 at DTU Lyngby Campus