Bridging the Gap

Science and Technology is a vehicle for high-tech business, but social interaction and skills is really a necessity for success.

Experienced entrepreneurs are working directly with researchers at DTU Fotonik to innovate and bring technology to life in society.

We use the Bridging the Gap, BtG, model in guiding teams from the earliest phases of match making between researchers and industry experts all the way – over the bridge – to the successful establishing of a new company spun out from the university and on to the market with new customers and growing revenue.

Our BtG entrepreneurs are more than mentors and advisors. They become part of our university teams, investing time and possibly money into realizing a commercial outcome.

BtG entrepreneurs have:

  • Insight and network in specific tech business area
  • Experience in spin-outs/entrepreneurship
  • Engagement a significant amount of time as volunteers
  • Product development and sales expertise
  • People skills

DTU Fotonik have fostered a number of spin-out companies via the BtG model, including NorlaseIRSeeSHUTE Sensing SolutionsSensitivus, and OCTlight 

We have a continuous pipeline of potential spin-outs and if you are interested in becoming a BtG entrepreneur, please contact us.

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