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Experienced entrepreneurs are working directly with researchers at DTU Fotonik to innovate and bring technology to life in society.




Collaborations with industry and academic institutions in Denmark and abroad are central to DTU Fotonik.  We have several fruitful bilateral collaboration agreements with companies and institutions, all with a common goal.



Students at DTU Fotonik take active part in the innovation activities at the department. Student can participate in research project with an innovation aspect at all level of the DTU education.




Entrepreneurship is all about bringing products to the market, spin-offs, sales, and licensings. As you can see in these pages, DTU Fotonik has a number of activities in all of these areas.


We Bring Knowledge to Society...

DTU Fotonik has a strong tradition for industrial collaboration in Denmark and across the borders. This is shown by the considerable amount of research collaboration between DTU Fotonik and private or public companies. DTU Fotonik also has a lasting tradition for offering students research projects in collaboration with industries. This enables the student to build up a personal network and to get inspired by actual and exciting ideas in everyday life. 

Paving the way

DTU Fotonik wants to pave the way for innovations for Danish society, by acting as a communicator of knowledge between university and industry. DTU Fotonik has procedures for handling intellectual property rights in connection with external collaboration. A well-formulated focus on protection of patent ideas among others, forms the basis for the generation of a possible industrial product. 

DTU Fotonik attaches importance to the transfer of knowledge between university and industry, aiming for existing industries as well as start-up companies. Since 1999, 7 new companies have spawned from DTU Fotonik.