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International mobility requirements at DTU Fotonik

PhD students are required to carry out 3-6 months at a foreign research institution during their PhD education.

All DTU Fotonik PhD Students who intend to continue in research after their studies, are expected to go abroad to pursue their research career after graduation.

Circumvention of this rule may happen in special circumstances only by submitting a written application to the PhD School Deputy Head, Lars Dittmann.

Important work experience

This work experience is important for the young researcher and meets several current and future demands:

  • The newly educated PhD gains international experience and increases his/her research network
  • International experience is almost a must for researchers today and in the future
  • Fresh views on research possibilities open up 
  • Several prestigious EU and Danish funding schemes welcome international experience
  • The absence of international experience is often considered a serious drawback in the strong competition for research grants later in a researcher’s career

Publication-productive transition period after PhD Thesis

A publication-productive transition period of shorter duration (between half a year and a year) is often convenient after submitting the PhD thesis.

Publishing of any unfinished results from the PhD project can take place during this time.

Financing for such transition periods is usually covered by the research group’s own funding.

PostDoc after PhD in same institution

Post doctoral projects taking place at the same institution at which the PhD was carried out, are often supported by the Danish funding agencies. Given this, the department accepts such continued research positions provided the position is externally funded. In such cases, the postdoctoral researcher is expected to pursue a research stay at a foreign research institution.