• We intend to be in the international vanguard of innovative research within Photonics Engineering.
  • We intend to ensure that our research is always at the international forefront by attracting top researchers within our field and by possessing an optimal research environment.
  • We intend to maintain close collaboration with industries in and outside of Denmark and will help them to keep up with the technological developments.
  • We intend to inspire Danish and international institutions to think of us as a preferred collaborator in our field as well as in cross disciplinary topics.
  • We intend to attract students from the whole world and to be an attractive place to study.
  • We intend to ensure excellent study programs for our students. Our teachers and instructors will be first-class - professionally as well as personally. It is our goal to give the students the best possible launching pad for their future lives.
  • We will do our part to ensure that DTU is one of the top technical universities in the world.