Boards and committees

Advisory board Collaboration committee Safety committee

Advisory board

The advisory board of DTU Fotonik consists of:

Fei Chen
Vice President for New Business, R&D at Haldor Topsøe A/S

Dan Birkedal
CTO at Alight Technologies A/S

Mike van der Poel
Director of New Business Venture at 3Shape A/S

Peter Ulrik Scheel
Owner, Scheel Management Consulting

Christian Rasmussen
VP of DSP & Optics at Acacia Communications, Inc.

Lone Dybdal Nilsson
Vice President of Biorefinery & Feed App. Research, Novozymes A/S

Jacob Riis Folkenberg
Vice President Technology, FOSS A/S

The advisory board will provide Director Lars-Ulrik Aaen Andersen with advice and counselling in regard to activities within education, research and innovation.

The board is appointed by the director and consists of a group of 2-6 external key partners.

The board will meet several times a year on the director’s initiative. In relation to the topics on the agenda, experts can be invited to give their point of view.

Collaboration Committee

Management representatives

  • Head of Department Lars-Ulrik Aaen Andersen (chairman
  • HR Partner Rasmus Pedersen

Employee representatives 

  • Associate Professor Sanshui Xiao (IDA representative, VIP & TAP, deputy chairman)
  • Associate Professor Niels Gregersen (Dansk Magisterforening, VIP & TAP)
  • Section Coordinator Maria Welling (HK representative) 
  • Research Technician Finn Pedersen (technician/craftsman representative)


Safety Committee

Management Representatives:

  • Head of Administration Anne Mette Kristensen (Safety Committee Coordinator)     
  • Head of Department Lars-Ulrik Aaen Andersen
  • Professor Søren Forchhammer 

Employee Representatives:

  • Senior Researcher Ole Bjarlin Jensen
  • Project Coordinator Heidi Teglstrup

Safety Committee Groups

Safety Committee Coordinator:
Anne Mette Kristensen

Group 1 Risø (offices and labs)
Henning Engelbrecht Larsen
Ole Bjarlin
Christian Pedersen (leader)

Group 2 Lyngby (Offices and labs not covered by group 3+4)
Heidi Teglstrup
Søren Forchhammer (leader)

Group 3 Lyngby (Laser labs)
Nika Akopian
Peter Uhd (leader)

Group 4 Lyngby (Chemistry, Glass, Draw Towers)
Jakob Janting
Christos Marcos
Kresten Yvind (leader)