Focusing a femtosecond beam in air and passing an IR card in front of camera

Terahertz team

The Terahertz team uses ultrashort pulses of terahertz radiation for spectroscopy. 

We use ultrashort pulses of coherent, broadband terahertz radiation to study the behavior of materials on a very fast time scale – vibrations in crystals of organic molecules, motion of electrons in semiconductors, carriers and phonons in large-bandgap dielectrics, and behavior of electrons in aqueous liquids. Terahertz waves are useful for nondestructive analysis in advanced materials, including modern composites and layered structures, but also in historically important cultural heritage artifacts such as easel paints and wooden panels. We are developing intense, pulsed THz sources for nonlinear spectroscopy, with special emphasis on energetic couplings and other nonlinearities in the vibrational response of molecular systems and exploration of the electrostatic limit of nonlinear optics in metals, exemplified by ultrafast THz-induced electron emission from metal surfaces.  


Team leader

Peter Uhd Jepsen
DTU Fotonik
+4545 25 57 11