1st European Workshop on Ultrafast Nonlinear Interaction in Gases


The 1st European Workshop on Ultrafast Nonlinear Interaction in Gases aims to bring together a number of leading European experts on nonlinear optics in gases with ultrafast high-power lasers, and applications of novel light sources derived from this interaction across the optical spectrum from UV to IR and THz. 

The workshop is organized by DTU Fotonik (Peter Uhd Jepsen and Morten Bache) and co-organized by Stefan Skupin and Luc Bergé. It takes place Wednesday April 4, 2018, at DTU Fotonik. 

List of speakers

Illia Thiele, Chalmers Univ., Sweden

Franck Lepine/Vincent Loriot, ILM, Univ. Lyon 1, France

Uwe Morgner and/or Ihar Babushkin, Univ. Hannover, Germany

Carsten Bree, Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Berlin, Germany

Cord Arnold, Lund University, Sweden

Johan Mauritsson, Lund University, Sweden

Olle Lundh, Lund University, Sweden

Peter Uhd Jepsen, DTU Fotonik, Denmark

Morten Bache, DTU Fotonik, Denmark

Stefan Skupin, ILM, Univ. Lyon 1, France

Luc Bergé, CEA DAM, France



The programme is subject to changes


Peter Uhd Jepsen, DTU Fotonik
Experiments with THz air photonics sources

Morten Bache, DTU Fotonik
Ultrafast nonlinear optics in gas-filled hollow-core fibers: mid-IR and UV prospects

Illia Thiele, Chalmers
Amplification and frequency up-conversion of THz pulses and generation of relativistic 1-cycle MIR pulses in non-stationary plasmas

Break 15 min

Luc Bergé, CEA
THz wave generation by two-color laser pulses: The ALTESSE project and beyond

Stefan Skupin (Bordeaux/Lyon)
A Plasmonic View On THz Emission From Fs Laser Induced Microplasmas

Carsten Bree, Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Berlin
THz emission via sub-cycle ionization enhancements

12.15-13.30 Lunch break


Cord Arnold, Lund
Scale-invariance in gas nonlinear optics

Johan Mauritsson, Lund
Opto-optical modulation of coherent XUV light

Break 15 min

Franck Lepine/Vincent Loriot, Lyon
Applications of XUV and mid-IR sources from atomic physics to biochemistry, Manipulation of XUV radiation on the Attosecond timescale

Ihar Babushkin, Univ. Hannover
Signatures of attosecond-scale electron dynamics in terahertz and higher order Brunel harmonics

Olle Lundh, Lund
Laser-driven plasma waves for particle acceleration and X-ray production

Plenum discussion on future directions, possible collaborations


ca. 19.30
Beer at Mikkeller Bar

Dinner for invited speakers at Jah Izakaya