News Archive

Aug. 2018: Johan Rosenkrantz Maack successfully defended his PhD thesis.

Aug. 2018: Dr. Sanshui Xiao is elected as SPIE Senior Member.

Aug. 2018: Prof. Jianing Chen from Institute of Physics (China) visits our lab.


Jun. 2018: Dr. Sanshui Xiao becomes Senior Member of OSA, see the interview by OPN.


Nov. 2017: International Network Programme grants US-Sino-Danish network with Yale Univ. (Prof. Fengnian Xia) and Shenzhen Univ. (Prof. Han Zhang).


Aug. 2017: Prof. Jian Zi from Fudan University (China) joins us as an Otto Mønsted visiting professor.

Jul. 2017: Martijn Wubs becomes senior Member of SPIE.


Jul. 2017: Our interim group leader Martijn Wubs becomes group leader.

Jun. 2017: Lecture by Prof. Jiming Bao from Houston University.

May 2017: Lecture by Prof. Sense Jan van der Molen from Leiden University.

May 2017:  Martijn Wubs becomes Senior Member of OSA.


May 2017: Our former group leader Prof. Asger Mortensen leaves DTU for new adventures at SDU.

May 2017: Our former group member Dr. Jingjing Zhang awarded the Thousand Youth Talent Prize in China.

Mar. 2017: Review paper on plasmonic colours  in Nature Reviews Materials made its first 50,000 downloads.

Feb. 2017: Dr. Christos Tserkezis is co-authoring a paper published in Advanced Materials.

Feb. 2017:  Dr. Martijn Wubs awarded as an Outstanding Reviewer by Journal of Optics.

Feb. 2017: Dr. Christos Tserkezis awarded as an Outstanding Reviewer by Journal of Optics.


Dec. 2016: Two international network proposals are granted to boost our collaborations among USA, China and Denmark. 

Dec. 2016: EELS study of gap plasmons published in Nature Communications with SDU and Stanford Univ.

Dec. 2016: Work on laser color printing featured in OSA’ s Optics in 2016 special issue of Optics & Photonics News. Click here for more information.

Nov. 2016: 
Review on plasmonic colors published in Nature Reviews Materials with SDU, SUTD, and Rice Univ.

Nov. 2016: Lecture by Prof. Jacob Khurgin from Johns Hopkins Univ.

Nov. 2016
: Our work on graphene plasmons selected for the news release by OSA. See also news feature at

Oct. 2016: Dr. Thomas Christensen receives DTU´s Young Researcher Award.

Oct. 2016: Prof. Mortensen promoted to OSA Fellow.


Oct. 2016: Lecture by Prof. Stephan Link from Rice Univ.


Oct. 2016: Lecture by Prof. Zhipei Sun from Aalto University, Finland.

Oct. 2016: Dr. Thomas Christensen (former DTU PhD student, now postdoc at MIT) receives a Springer Thesis Award for his outstanding PhD work. His thesis in now published as a book in the Springer Theses series.


Sep./Oct. 2016: Guest professor Uriel Levy (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) is offering a lecture series on Nanophotonics.

Sep. 2016: Grant awarded to host Prof. Jian Zi from Fudan Univ. (China) as an Otto Mønsted Guest Professor.

Sep. 2016: Dr. Christin David was awarded the “premio extraordinario de doctorado de la Autónoma de Madrid” for her PhD work at UAM.


Sep. 2016: ERC Starting Grant awarded to Dr. Johan Christensen.

Aug. 2016: Lecture by Prof. Leosson from Innovation Center Iceland.


Jun. 2016: Sapere Aude (DFF-Research Talent) awarded to our former PhD student Dr. Thomas Christensen (now postdoc at MIT).


Jun. 2016: André Gonçalves joins our group for PhD work. Together with Prof. Nuno Peres, he is the author of the first introductory textbook on graphene plasmonics published by World Scientific. 

Jun. 2016: US patent issued for invention on structural colors. The innovation is in collaboration with the group of Prof. Kristensen and NIL Technology APS. For more details, see US 2016/0131808.

May 2016: Press release on FOM website about Foerster transfer article written by Martijn Wubs together with Prof. Willem Vos (Twente)

May 2016: Lecture by Prof. Greg Sun from Univ. Massachusetts, Boston.  

May 2016: CNG workshop lecture by Prof. Alexandra Boltasseva from Purdue Univ.  

May 2016: Dr. Tserkezis is editing a special issue on Quantum Plasmonics (submission deadline 31th December, 2016).

Dec. 2015: Paper on plasmonic colors published in Nature Nanotechnology. See feature at, IEEE Spectrum, or Fortune.

Dec. 2015: International Network Programme grants US-Danish network (ALSCIN) between DTU (Profs. Kristensen & Mortensen) and Rice Univ. (Profs. Halas, Nordlander & Link).

Dec. 2015: Lecture by Prof. Zhaowei Liu from UCSD.

Dec. 2015: Lecture by Prof. Uriel Levy from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. 

Dec. 2015: Lecture by Prof. Frank Koppens from ICFO, Barcelona, Spain.

Dec. 2015: Lecture by Prof. Nader Engheta from University of Pennsylvania. 

Dec. 2015: Seminar by Dr. C. Wolff from CUDOS @ Univ. of Sydney. 

Nov. 2015: Our former PhD student, Dr. Søren Raza, is recognized by the PhD award from Danmarks Naturvidenskabelige Akademi (DNA). 

Nov. 2015: Lecture by Dr. Giuseppe Toscano from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). 

Nov. 2015: Paper on EELS exploration of high-order modes published in Nature Communications.

Oct. 2015: Thomas Christensen granted a Villum Foundation fellowship for his postdoctoral work at MIT with Prof. Soljačić.

Oct. 2015: Our former PhD student, Dr. Søren Raza, receives DTU's Young Research Award.

Oct. 2015: Dr. Christensen and KIT colleagues publish a prospective article on mechanical metamaterials in MRS Communications.

Sep. 2015: New projected-dipole model for quantum plasmonics published in Physical Review Letters. 

Sep. 2015: Lecture by Prof. Maiken Mikkelsen from Duke University.  

Sep. 2015: As of May/June 2015, 7 of our papers received enough citations to place them in the top 1% of the academic field based on highly cited thresholds for the field and publication year, see the InCites.

Sep. 2015: Lecture by Prof. Joel Yang from A*STAR and SUTD, Singapore. 

Sep. 2015: Lecture by Dr. Bernd Bodermann from PTB, Germany. 

Jul. 2015: Lecture by Prof. Yu Luo from Nayang Technological University, Singapore. 

Jul. 2015: Lecture by Prof. Masakazu Ichikawa from University of Tokyo. 

June 2015: H.C. Oersted COFUND Postdoc fellowship granted to Dr. Christos Tserkezis.

Jun. 2015: Our former PhD student, Dr. Søren Raza, awarded the 2015 Thesis Prize for "Fundamental Aspects" by the European Physical Society.

Jun. 2015: Lecture by Prof. Lasse Jensen from PennState Univ.

May 2015: Paper on nonlocal plasmonic response and spill-out effects published in Nature Communications. The work is in collaborations with partners at KIT in Germany as well as CAS and Wuhan Univ. in China. 

May 2015: Lecture by Dr. Nicklas Anttu, from Lund University, Sweden.

May 2015: Prof. Lasse Jensen from PennState joins our group as an Otte Mønsted Guest Professor.

May 2015: Invited review on groove plasmons published in Nanoscale.

Apr. 2015: Invited "Topical Review" on nonlocal plasmonics published in JPCM.

Feb. 2015: Lecture by Dr. Mehdi K. Hedayati from Kiel University, German.

Feb. 2015: Dr. Christin David, a previous visiting student from the group of García de Abajo, has secured a grant from the German DFG for postdoctoral work on nonlocal plasmonic crystals.

Jan. 2015: As of September/October 2014, 6 of our papers received enough citations to place them in the top 1% of the academic field of either "Physics" or "Engineering" based on highly cited thresholds for the fields and publication years, see the InCites.

Dec. 2014:  A new network project granted to establish international cooperation with UCSD (Prof. Zhaowei Liu) and Peking University (Prof. Zheyu Fang).

Dec. 2014:  The acoustic project led by Johan Christensen is listed as the annual top-5 research results by Ingeniøren, see the announcement.

Nov. 2014: Two PhD positions on quantum plasmonics available, see the announcement.

Nov. 2014: Lecture by Prof. Nicholas Fang from MIT, USA.

Nov. 2014: Lecture by Prof. Uriel Levy from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Oct. 2014: Our work on omnidirectional structural color is featured on SPIE Professional.

Oct. 2014: Lecture by Prof. Javier Garcia de Abajo from IQFR-CSIC, Spain.

Sep. 2014: Lecture by Prof. Jung Shin from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea.

Aug. 2014: Lecture by Prof. Min-Kyo Seofrom Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea.

Jul. 2014: ACS press release of our Nano Letters on coloration of plastic products. For more details, see ACS press release.

Jun. 2014: Lecture by Prof. Dr. Peter A. van Aken from Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart, Germany.

Jun. 2014: Study of extremely confined gap surface-plasmon modes reported in Nature Communications. For more details, see CNG News feature.

May 2014: Prof. Mortensen was awarded the 'Elektroprisen 2014' from the Danish Association of Engineers (IDA). For more details in Danish, see IDA press release.

May 2014: Prof. Mortensen announced as member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV). For more details in Danish, see ATV news.

May 2014: Paper on nonlocal response published in Nature Communications. For more details, see CNG News feature.

March 2014: Mr. Xiaolong Zhu receives the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad from the Chinese Ministry of Education.

March 2014: Dr. Wubs is co-organizing Lorentz workshop on Nanoscale Quantum Optics (June 2-6, Lorentz Center, Leiden).

March 2014: Dr. Jingjing Zhang announced as editorial board member of Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group).

January 2014: Prof. Mortensen announced as SPIE Fellow for achievements in photonic crystal fibres and optofluidics  (see the announcement of 2014 SPIE fellows).

January 2014: Paper by Dr. Toscano included in list of highly-cited articles from Optics Express.

January 2014: Seminar given by Dr. Yu Luo from Imperial College London.

December 2013: Our former bachelor student Mr. Erik Stassen receives the Jorcks Fonds priser.

December 2013: Three new network proposals are granted to boost our international collaborations among Korea, Isreal, China and Denmark.

December 2013: Dr. Jinlong He from China Jiliang University joins our group as a visiting scientist.

November 2013: Lecture given by Dr. Min Yan from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

October 2013: Dr. Wei Yan secures an individual grant of 1.3 MDKK from the Lundbeck Foundation on the quantum plasmonics project .

July 2013: Paper by Dr. Giuseppe Toscano featured on the cover of Nanophotonics. For more details see the journal homepage.

June 2013:
PhD student Søren Raza receives a 25kDKK travel grant from the Idella Foundation.

June 2013: Dr. Wubs and Prof. Mortensen secure an FNU research grant [~4.2 MDKK] for theory studies of quantum plasmonics. See official announcement.

May 2013: PhD students Jeppe Clausen and Alexander Christiansen demonstrate coloration effects due to nanostructuring of plastic surfaces. Read more about this news: Nanostructures giving the plastic colors without dye (news in Danish).

April 2013: APL paper by PhD student Xiaolong Zhu enters the 'Top 20 Most Read Articles in April 2013'.

March 2013: Paper on quantum-optical effective medium theory and metamaterial loss compensation accepted for PRL, see arXiv preprint by Amooghorban, Mortensen & Wubs.

February 2013: Our first experimental EELS study of pronounced blueshift effects in silver nanoparticles has been accepted for Nanophotonics (newly launched  highprofile journal from De Gruyter), see arXiv preprint by Raza, Stenger and co-workers.

February 2013: Dr. Toscano successfully defended is PhD work on nonlocal response within a semiclassical hydrodynamic formalism. The examination committee was chaired by Prof. Kristian Thygesen (DTU) with Prof. Peter Nordlander (Rice Univ.) and Prof. Javier García de Abajo (CSIC) serving as as external committee members.

January 2013: N.A. Mortensen is organizing a special sesssion on plasmonics beyond the local-response approximation @ PIERS 2013 in Stockholm.

January 2013: Johan Christensen joins the group to work on acoustical metamaterials, supported by an  FTP sapere aude grant. Johan Christensen will also be affiliated with the Bozhevolnyi group at SDU.

December 2012:
Sanshui Xiao receives a Sino-Danish network grant [~175 kDKK] from the Program for Sino-Danish Scientific and Technological Cooperation.

November 2012:
Two-year postdoctoral block-stipend awarded by the Villum Foundation.

November 2012: Dr. Wubs is a co-author of a PRL on nanophotonic crontrol of Förster energy transfer. The is featured on the cover of the November issue. See also the press release out on and the highlights in  Nature Materials and  Science.

November 2012: Dr. Nicolas Stenger promoted to assistant professor.

October 2012: Two papers on the 2010 list of Top-5 downloads from JEOS:RP.

September 2012: Dr. Nicolas Stenger secures an individual grant of 1.6 MDKK from the Lundbeck Foundation. The grant will allow him to work dedicated for a three-years period on the project "Probing quantum effects in surface plasmon resonances on an atomic scale".

September 2012: Dr. Xiao participates in the Eurotech Green Tech initiative with the subject of photovoltaics. Green Tech is the first strategically themed joint research initiative launched by EuroTech Universities (TU/e, EPFL, TUM, and DTU).

September 2012: Dr. Wubs co-authors paper accepted for PRL on nanophotonic crontrol of Förster energy transfer. Preprint available from arXiv:1207.2272 and press release out on

September 2012: N. Asger Mortensen invited to give a plenary talk on slow-light enhanced light-matter interactions and sensing at the CHInano2012 in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province of China.

September 2012: Thomas Christensen receives "Ekspeditionssekretær Henry Martin Hamtoft og hustru Ester Hamtofts Mindelegat". The grant will allow a short-term research stay at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in the group of Prof. Meir Orenstein.

September 2012: NFO poster award to Søren Raza and co-workers for poster on "Effects of nonlocal response in metallic nanostructures".  

August 2012: Thomas Christensen completes his MSc degree and graduates from the Physics and Nanotechnology Honors Program with the highest GPA possible (12/12, equivalent to a straight A).

July 2012: Work on slow light highlighted in Nature Photonics.

July 2012: SPIE Senior Member distinction to Prof. Mortensen.

June 2012: FNU postdoctoral fellowship (1.7 MDKK) awarded to Dr. Johan Ott. With the fellowship. he will join Département de Physique Théorique at Université de Genève to work with Prof. Markus Büttikker and Dr. Christian Flindt.

June 2012: Prof. Mortensen will give his Inaugural Lecture on June 8, see invitation.

May 2012: Two recently graduated PhD students, Jure Grgic and Johan Ott, co-publish paper on limitations of slow-light enhanced gain in Physical Review Letters, see link to paper.

April 2012: Johan Ott ended up number two in "Stjerner med hjerner 2012". For an appetizer, see trailer.

March 2012: Release of NPL code for finite-element modeling of plasmonic structures with nonlocal response. The code works as an add-on to the COMSOL 4.2a RF Module and it is made freely available for research purposes. The code can be downloaded from our new dedicated site, which will also be hosting future releases and updates.

December 2011: The Sapere Aude young elite researcher program awarded to Dr. Jijngjing Zhang. The list of recipients also includes Dr. Jesper Goor Pedersen who received his PhD from this group. More information is available here

November 2011: Søren Raza receives the DOPS Junior Award from the Danish Optical Society.

November 2011: Paper by Dr. Martijn Wubs on the list of "Most read Photonics and Nanotructures articles". More information availble here.

November 2011: Newton International Fellowship awarded to Dr. Jingjing Zhang. The fellowship allows her to carry out research over a two-year period in the group of Prof. A. Zayats, King's College London (UK).

November 2011: N. Asger Mortensen invited to give a one-hour tutorial talk on plasmonics and non-local response at the POEM2011 in Wuhan, Hubei Province of China.

November 2011: Dr. Sanshui Xiao and Dr. Martijn Wubs promoted to associate professors.

October 2011:  Dr. Jingjing Zhang promoted to assistant professor.

October 2011: Participation in new Centre of Excellence on 'Nanostructured Graphene', granted by Danish National Research Foundation. The centre is headed by Prof. Antti-Pekka Jauho. More information available here.

October 2011: NNT2011 Best poster award to Alexander Christiansen, Jeppe Clausen, and co-workers for their work on "Large area color effects in polymer replica of black silicon".

October 2011: Paper in New Journal of Physics, co-authored by Martijn Wubs, becomes 'Editors' Choice'.

September 2011: Paper on nonlocal response, published in PRB Rapid Publications, becomes 'Editors' Suggestion'.

August 2011: 'Best presentation award' to Prof. N. Asger Mortensen for his invited talk on quenched transmission of light through ultrathin metal films at "Nanostructured Thin Films IV" (SPIE Optics+Photonics, San Diego, CA)

May 2011: Dr. Jingjing Zhang secures an individual grant of 1.8 MDKK for metamaterial research from the Danish Research Council for Technology and Production Sciences (FTP).

May 2011: Paper in the April 11 issue of Opt. Express the 5th most downloaded paper in April.

April 2011: Experimental demonstration of compact carpet cloaking with the aid of sub-wavelength silicon grating structures (see OSA press release). For media coverage, see e.g.,

February 2011: Dr. Jingjing Zhang co-authors paper in Nature Communications on macroscopic invisibility cloaking of visible light.

December 2010: Physics World reveals its top 10 breakthroughs for 2010. Dr. Jingjing Zhang is a co-author of paper on cloaking [ arXiv:1012.2783 ], entering at a 4th place.

December 2010: Søren Raza receives the QNLO predoc award from the Quantum and Nonlinear Optics graduate school,

October 2010: Dr. Jesper Goor Pedersen receives "Direktør P. Gorm-Petersens Mindelegat", recognizing his PhD work on electrons and photons in periodic structures.

July 2010: Elton Bitincka defended his MSc thesis at "Sapienza" Univ. of Rome (work performed at DTU Fotonik). He received the maximum score (101/110) with Cum Laude. Moreover, the Commission added a special honour mention: "printing dignity"

June 2010: Dr. Wei Yan (presently at KTH) to receive Hans Christian  Ørsted postdoctoral fellowship for metamaterial research. 

June 2010: Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation supports NanoPlast consortium by granting 50 MDKK (total budget of ~100 MDKK).  

June 2010: Best poster award to Jure Grgic for slow light paper presented at The International Conference on Nanophotonics (Tsukuba, Japan).

May 2010: Prof. N.A. Mortensen approved by OSA's Board of Editors to serve as an Associate Editor for Optics Express.

April 2010: Invited book chapter (co-authored with Prof. Anders Kristensen) on optofluidic light sources published in Handbook of Optofluidics (CRC Press).

March 2010: Program for Sino-Danish Scientific and Technological Cooperation supports network activity with Prof. Sailing He at Zhejiang Univ. (ZJU).

November 2009: Two invited book chapter (co-authored with Prof. Anders Kristensen) on optofluidic dye lasers and micro-droplet dye lasers published in international series on Optofluidics.

June 2009: Dr. Jingjing Zhang (presently at ZJU, China) to receive Hans Christian  Ørsted postdoctoral fellowship for metamaterial research. 

January 2009: Recently published APL number one on the Top 20 most Downloaded Articles

December 2008: Jointed paper with the group of Prof. Anders Kristensen featured on the cover of the APL December 8 issue. [Christiansen et al., APL 93, 231101 (2008)]

October 2008: Dr. Sanshui Xiao and Prof. N. Asger Mortensen share the EOS Prize 2008 with KTH-professor Min Qui for their joined authorship on a theoretical paper on light-transmission through sub-wavelength holes.

Juli 2008: Prof. N. Asger Mortensen is a nominated Young Researcher Participant in the 58th Meeting of Nobel Prize Winners in Physics organized by the Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings.

June 2008: the research group joins the Department of Photonics Engineering, Technical University of Denmark.

April 2008: The group participates in the newly established VKR Center of Excellence for "NAnophotonics for TErabit Communications" granted by the Villum Kann Rasmusen Foundation. The center is headed by Prof. Jesper Mørk and the theory work package is headed by N. Asger Mortensen.

January 2008: Prof. N. Asger Mortensen receives the Young Elite Researcher Award.