PhD Projects

On this page, you find an overview of on-going and completed PhD projects in our group.

In the sections below, you find an overview of the on-going and completed PhD projects in our group. For most of the completed projects, you may find the dissertations by following the link on the title of the projects.

On-Going PhD Projects

Ultrahigh-speed hybrid III-V-on-Si lasers (2015-2018)

Single photon sources for quantum information applications (2015-2018)

Photonic crystal Fano structures (2015-2018)

Single-photon quantum information technology (2015-2018)

Quantum Information Networks I (2015-2018)

Quantum Information Networks II (2015-2018)

Ultrahigh-speed Si-integrated on-chip laser (2015-2018)

k.p Theory of Two-Dimensional Materials (2016-2019)

Photonic Crystal Fano Lasers (2016-2019)

Theory of superradiance and quantum noise in few-emitter lasers (2016-2019)

Completed PhD Projects

Vertical-cavity laser with a novel grating mirror (2013-2016)

Theoretical Investigation of Subwavelength Gratings and Vertical Cavity Lasers Employing Grating Structures (2013-2016)

Modeling and simulations of light emission and propagation in open nanophotonic systems (2012-2015)

Nanophotonic devices for quantum information technology (2012-2015)

MEMS tunable nano-structured photodetector (2011-2014)

Optical switching in nanophotonic structures (2011-2014)

Properties of single quantum dot lasers (2010-2013)

Coherent Dynamics of Quantum Dots in Photonic Crystals (2010-2013)

All-Optical Switching in Photonic Crystal Cavities (2010-2013)

Energy Harvesting for Photocatalysis (2009-2010)

Systematic design of nano-photonic systems (2009-2012)

Semiconductor Nanomembranes for Quantum Photonics: Quantum Light Sources and Optomechanics (2009-2012)

Fundamental properties of devices for quantum information technology (2009-2012)

Slow light enhancement and limitations in periodic media (2009-2012)

Characterization of pulse propagation in photonic crystal structures and ultrafast dynamics in quantum dots (2008-2012)

Modeling of Coupled Nano-Cavity Lasers (2008-2012)

Modeling of plasmon mediated single-photon devices (2007-2010)

Slow and fast light effects in semiconductor optical amplifiers for applications in microwave photonics (2007-2010)

Semiconductor Quantum Dot Devices for Optical Signal Processing (2007-2010)

Mesoscopic quantum emitters coupled to plasmonic nanostructures (2007-2010)

Metal-dielectric superlenses for ultraviolet and visible light (2007-2011)

Silicon Nano-Photonic Devices (2007-2011)

Integrated Ultrasonic-Photonic Devices (2007-2011)

Coupled Photonic Crystal Cavity Array Laser (2007-2011)

Topology Optimization of Nanophotonic Devices (2006-2011)

Light-matter interaction in nanostructured materials (2006-2010)

Slow light and pulse propagation in semiconductor waveguides (2006-2010)

Quantum Kinetics of charge carriers in quantum dots: applications to slow light and light amplification (2006-2010)

Finite-Difference Frequency-Domain Method in Nanophotonics (2006-2011)

Enhancement of Light-Matter Interaction in Semiconductor Nanostructures (2006-2009)

Time-resolved spectroscopy of quantum dot single-photon sources (2006-2009)

Decay Dynamics of Quantum Dots in Nanophotonic Structures (2005-2008)

High-speed clock recovery and demodulation using short pulse sources and phase-locked loop techniques (2004-2007)

Active Deviced Based on Planar Photonic Crystal Structures (2004-2005)

Optical methods for characterization of surface structures on a nanometer scale (2003-2007)

Modelling of Ultrafast Semiconductor Components (2003-2007)

Fabrication and Characterisation of Low-noise Monolithic Mode-locked Lasers (2003-2007)

Structure, stability properties, and nonlinear dynamics of lateral modes of a broad area semiconductor laser (2002-2007)

Electroabsorption modulators used for all-optical signal processing and labelling (2001-2004)

Optical Regeneration and Noise in Semiconductor Devices (2001-2005)

Electrically Pumped Vertical-Cavity Amplifiers (2001-2007)

Fabrication and Characterisation of Optical Semiconductor Components (2001-2006)

MBE-growth and Optical Characterization of Self-assembled Semiconducter Quantum Dots (2001-2004)

Experimental and theoretical investigation of semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) based all-optical switches (2000-2005)

Quantum Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers - Physics and Applications (2000-2004)

Techniques for Sampling of Ultra-High Speed Optical Signals (2000-2004)

Integrated-Optics Components Utilizing Long-Range Surface Plasmon Polaritons (2000-2004)

Modeling of phonon- and Coulomb-mediated capture processes in quantum dots (1999-2003)

Semiconductor Mode-Locked Lasers for Optical Communication Systems (1999-2003)

Optical properties of localized excitons in semiconductor nanostructures (1998-2002)

Systems technology and component characterisation (1998-2002)

Modeling of Carrier Dynamics in Electroabsorption Modulators (1998-2002)

Absorption and refractive index dynamics in waveguide semiconductor electroabsorbers (1998-2002)

MBE-grown semiconductor nanostructures with electronic and photonic confinement (1997-2000)

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