These are the courses we teach in the Quantum and Laser Photonics Group.

Nanophotonics (34051)

(MSc 10 ECTS, Spring)
This course will provide the students with a good understanding of the principles of operation and the physics of advanced nanophotonic devices. Structuring of materials on a nanometer scale enables one to control the propagation of light, e.g. by introducing defects in photonic crystals, and to tailor electronic states and optical transitions by use of quantum confinement effects in quantum dots. This basic control of materials properties is utilized to make, e.g., better lasers, but is also expected to form the basis for the development of new devices and technologies; e.g. integrated photonic chips, delay elements based on slow light, plasmonic waveguides and microcavities displaying enhanced light-matter interaction.
Research topics at DTU Fotonik will be incorporated and the course leads to theoretical as well as experimental special courses and master projects at DTU Fotonik.

Quantum Optics (10380)

(MSc 10 ECTS, Fall)
The course introduces the student to the semi-classical description as well as to the full quantum theoretical description of the interaction between matter and nano structures. These methods are used to describe the light field in various quantum optical states and to describe absorption, emission and photo detection. In the final part of the course we work with the quantum optical description of interference and coherence as well as with noise phenomena in detectors and lasers. We also study the generation and measurement of uniquely quantum optical phenomena such as squeezed light and entanglement. The student is also introduced to the quantum mechanical coupling between light and nano structures in optical micro cavities as well as applications of quantum optics in metrology and informatics. The student is thus introduced to the most current research in quantum optics. In addition to the lectures the students will apply some of the concepts studied in theory by carrying out quantum optical experiments.

Nano-optics (34092)

(PhD/MSc 5 ECTS, Fall)
The course will cover a large amount of relevant subjects within nano-optics. A common theme is to achieve a description of light emission and optical interaction in a nanoscale structured environment, for instance quantum emitters, dipole emission, photonic cavities, surface plasmons.

Course Responsibility