Speckle Metrology

Absolute distance measurement by speckle correlation

In this project we aim at using a newly perceived concept for measuring distance with a low-cost, miniaturized optical system. 

Out-of plane translation

Low-cost non-intrusive vibrational sensor. Conditional monitoring of vibrations in wind-turbine machinery and in general machinery

Angular velocity fluctuations

By using speckles to obtain the angular velocity information we can provide information about the vibrations and wear in bearings and gears.

Particles in optical flows with angular momentum and Spin

We have by using the vectorial properties of coherent and incoherent fields studied the dynamic properties of particles suspended in gas and in liquids.

Phase Retrieval

The phase contains information on the 3-D properties of the scattering structure i.e. a cell structure - parameters that would be lost if only the intensity is measured. 

Analysis and Simulation of optical signals

The interaction between target and electromagnetic field usually involves objects that can only be described in statistical terms. Thus the statistics involved in the light-object interaction has to be understood.

Speckle statistics and dynamics

Speckle patterns can be considered as unique imprints of the speckle-generating surface. Therefore, the dynamics of the speckles often contain information about how a surface moves in space.

In-plane translasion (the DragonFly Technology)

This technology is based on speckle dynamics and two optical spatial filters. A vertical-cavity- surface-emitting laser  is mounted on a dye of a custom designed IC. 


In this project we combine heterodyne mixing, speckle translation and spatial filtering velocimetry, in order to gain two or three dimensional information about the velocity of the air flow. 

Wave Touch - a new touch screen

The use of touch screens has exploded during the last decade. We have implemented a touch screen where light is confined in a waveguide.


The position of the singularities provides very precise markers for the field or an intensity pattern, a method studied together with University of Electro-Communications and Heriot-Watt University.

Mini Bin Picker

This is a small light-weight co-worker robot, which can pick up items one by one from a box and deliver them at a destination with a well-defined orientation and position.