LIDAR systems

Current research projects

Coherent Detection Lidar

Our group has pioneered the use of high-power semiconductor lasers (SL), specifically the Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) SL, for developing a low-cost and compact Coherent Detection Lidar (CDL) system [1-4]. This patented remote sensing technology resulted in the spin-off company, Windar Photonics A/S (, which aims to offer cost-efficient CDL wind sensors for the wind energy industry (e.g. turbine control applications) at a fraction of the price of competing products.

Optical head 2

 Direct Detection Lidar

We are also involved in research and development of novel Direct Detection Lidar (DDL) systems. The advantages of the DDL include the ability to discern whether the probed object is moving toward or away from the Lidar, and the high maximum velocity limit extends the use from wind turbine applications (1-30 m/s) to other engineering applications like flows around aircrafts, car-body aerodynamics (>100 m/s), shock physics of explosively driven surfaces and supersonic flows (> 1000 m/s). The DDL system can also be used for non-contact temperature measurement of fluid targets.     

 Other Novel Lidars

In close collaboration with other groups in DTU Fotonik and DTU Wind Energy, we also engage in research and development of other types of Lidar systems with spectroscopic applications (e.g. CO2 and other greenhouse-gas measurement).

Vestar turbine with LIDAR Optical head


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Qi Hu (PhD Student),

Peter John Rodrigo (Researcher),, 46774509

Christian Pedersen (Group Leader),, 46774508