Below is the list of former group members and students. 

PhD Graduates:

 Year of Graduation Name  Current Position 
 2014  Dragana Vukovic
 Looking for new challenges
 2014  Franceso Da Ros
 Postdoc @ HSOC, DTU Fotonik
 2013  Zohreh Lali-Dastjerdi  Looking for new challenges
 2012  Ning Kang Innovation Officer @ Innovation Centre Denmark (Shanghai, China)
 2012  Yi An   Looking for new challenges



Guest PhD Students:

 Period of Visiting Name  Current Position 
 Ying Chen
 PhD Student @ Zhejiang University (Zhejiang Province, China)
 09/2012-09/2013  Deming Kong Postdoc @ BUPT (Beijing, China)



Former Faculty:

 Period of Service  Name  Position at DTU Current Position 
 09/2013-07/2014  Yutaka Fukuchi  Exchange Researcher  Associate Professor @ Tokyo University of Science
 Hans Christian Hansen Mulvad  Assistant Professor   Looking for new challenges
 20xx-12/2013  Jing Xu  Postdoc  Associate Professor @ HUST (Wuhan, China)
 20xx-09/2013  Christophe Peucheret  Associate Professor  Professor @ University of Rennes, France
 07/2001-12/2004  Nan Chi  Assistant Professor  Professor @ Fudan University (Shanghai, China)