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Coding & Visual Communication

The Coding and Visual Communication Technology Group focuses on error-correcting coding in digital communication and image and video coding in visual communication technology.

  • Advanced error-correcting coding is useful for both core and access networks. Applications in radio and satellite communication have led to advanced error-correcting coding and signal processing in digital communication and receiver design. All present wireless systems apply error-correction and they would not be possible without. In optical communication, forward-error-correcting coding (FEC) is becoming a strategic discipline of increasing importance for high capacity long distance transmission.
  • The image and video coding activities are directed towards visual communication technology as multimedia applications where a variety of image and video data needs to be coded efficiently for optimal quality and use of the available communication bandwidth or storage capacity. An example is MPEG for video coding. Examples of research activities within the group are: Improving video quality for flat panel displays, Video for satellite, space and drone communication, the newest MPEG/ITU HEVC (H.265) video coding and applications of that. The group covers selected topics of the full signal chain from capture to display. A new area is distributed video coding enabling small, but still efficient video encoders, e.g. for wireless communication from drones. Another new direction is multi-view video and light-field images and video and distributed coding there of.

More information about our research activities can be found here.