The Infrared and Terahertz Science Group uses light to investigate materials for future communication systems and sustainable production, and to investigate the effect of radiation on molecular systems, aiming at a better understanding of radiation-induced damage to materials.

Specialists in terahertz technology
We use short pulses of light of femtosecond duration to shape exactly the optical spectrum needed for our investigations. We specialize in terahertz technology, where we use the peak field strength of such fields for studies of the interaction between light and matter on short time scales and at extreme field strengths. 

In this manner, we are able to simulate conditions relevant for semiconductors in next-generation electronics. In particular, we are interested in using the electric field of a light wave for direct control of the flow of electrons.




Peter Uhd Jepsen
Professor, Group Leader, Deputy Head of Department
DTU Electro
+45 45 25 57 11