Plasmonics and Metamaterials

Plasmonics & Metamaterials

Faster and greener internet and detection of biomarkers

In the Plasmonics & Metamaterials Group at DTU Fotonik we research materials which can support the development of such chips and sensors. We are working on novel materials whose optical properties are pronouncedly ameliorated helping us to achieve unprecedented performance in optics. This is why such novel materials are named “metamaterials” because “meta” means “beyond” in Greek.

Better and greener communications and cyber technology are important in order to meet more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals according to climate and health. This include improving future electronic devices. 
Devices effectively handling photons on the nanoscale are for example important to enable faster and “greener” microchips. Effective and compact sensors are also required in order to give doctors accurate analytical tools even in remote internet-free areas.

Very fine structuring is required in order to achieve these new properties. Therefore, the main goal is to explore and advance nanofabrication possibilities to address the challenges posed by the desired structuring. We operate with metals, dielectrics and semiconductors to achieve the optimal performance.

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