• Multi-BRAIN - Multi-functional optical fibers for brain dynamics monitoring and imaging 

    Multi-BRAIN is focused towards the development of a next generation multi-functional and flexible neural fiber probe to explore the brain dynamics in cellular level. The proposed neural fiber toolbox will be able to simultaneously stimulate single or set of neurons using light, record neural activity using electrodes, deliver compounds using microfluidic channels, and see in the brain based on the photoacoustic imaging modality.

    Funded by Lundbeck Foundation.

  • Hi-SPEC: High resolution multi-species spectroscopy based on gas-filled antiresonant fibers for ship gas emission monitoring.

    The main part of the project involves the fabrication of a novel silica hollow-core antiresonant fiber filled sealed with a mixture of gases. The gas-filled fiber will be used to generate mid-infrared light at 4.2 μm using conventional telecommunication pump lasers, which will be used to monitor the emission levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) in ships.

    Funded by Independent Research Fund Denmark | Technology and Production.

  • Mid-infrared fiber-based photoacoustic imaging: listening to neurons
    Funded by Lundbeck Foundation.
  • Gas-filled hollow-core fibers for photoacoustic microscopy of biological samples
    Funded by Villum Foundation.
  • We participate in the EU project TRIAGE
    Funded by European Union