Nils Axel Andersen smiling and standing in front of a row of colleagues
09 AUG

40 years of research and education with Nils Axel Andersen

Associate professor Nils Axel Andersen has spent 40 years working at DTU, helping solve societal challenges in health, transportation and robotics, all while educating...

Yong Liu and Hao Hu working in the lab
08 AUG

New Chip-Based Beam Steering Device Lays Groundwork for Smaller, Cheaper Lidar

Hao Hu and Yong Liu developed a new OPA that replaces the multiple emitters of traditional OPAs with a slab grating to create a single emitter. This design enables beam...

Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe standing in front of a whiteboard
04 AUG

Professor Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe elected member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences...

In an announcement on May 17 2022, the Royal Academy announced its inclusion of 15 new members in the natural sciences class. Professor Oxenløwe was among them, and he...

Photo: Mikal Schlosser
07 MAR

Internet speed can reach new heights

A completely new type of detector for decoding data transmitted using laser light can help break current speed limits on the Internet. 

Associate Professor Yiyu Ou and Professor Paul Michael Petersen, DTU Fotonik. Foto: Thomas Sørensen.
28 FEB

UV light: A path away from antimicrobial resistance

By using UV light, we can treat infectious diseases including COVID-19 without antimicrobials, a new review study from DTU indicates. The invited review article is adapted...

Lasers Optics Medicine and medico technology Bacteria and microorganisms Viruses
Anders Bjarklev
10 FEB

Organizational change creates new departments at DTU

To support DTU’s strategy to develop sustainable technology for people and create stronger research environments, the University is now reorganizing its research in key...

Construction materials Climate adaptation Earth observation Electrotechnology
DTU Lyngby Campus. Foto: DTU
25 JAN

Five Villum Young Investigators are DTU-researchers

Five of the 16 talented researchers who have received grants as Villum Young Investigator 2022 are from DTU. 

Micro and nanotechnology Construction materials Semiconductors
Yi Yu, Thomas Christensen and Lars Søgaard Rishøj all become Villum Young Investigators. Picture: DTU Fotonik.
24 JAN

Three new Villum Young Investigators at DTU Fotonik

Yi Yu, Thomas Christensen and Lars Søgaard Rishøj all receive the coveted grant from the Velux Foundations.

Physics Lasers Optics
Joachim Rode
03 JAN

Closer to the perfect laser

Ultra-precise lasers can be used for optical atomic clocks, quantum computers, power cable monitoring, and much more. But all lasers make noise, which researchers from...


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