PhD Defence by Anastasiia Krasnoshchoka


Principal supervisor: Senior Researcher Ole Bjarlin Jensen, DTU Fotonik
Co-supervisor: Professor Paul Michael Petersen, DTU Fotonik

Evaluation Board
Senior Researcher Lars Rene Lindvold, DTU Nutech
Professor Marc Fontoynont, Aalborg University, Department of Energy and Environment
Associate professor Georges Zissis, Universite Toulouse III, France

Master of the Ceremony

Senior Researcher Henrik Chresten Pedersen


The thesis deals with a novel type of solid-state lighting – laser diode lighting. Laser diode lighting is based on the use of a blue laser diode to excite a phosphor material that will generate white light. Laser diode lighting possesses unique characteristics of the generated light, enabling delivery of a high luminance output from small emitting areas. In the thesis, a novel laser based light source was demonstrated and investigated.

Initially, saturation effects in ceramic phosphors are described. Saturation is among the key factors limiting performance of high power laser diode lighting systems. Subsequently, a propagation of laser light in a phosphor medium is studied. An experimental and a numerical investigation is presented. And lastly, an endoscopic light source based on a phosphor converted laser diode is designed and characterized.  



Fri 06 Sep 19
13:00 - 16:00


DTU Fotonik


Risø Campus
Building 130, Galileo Galilei