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DTU Fotonik – Department of Photonics Engineering

Photonics engineering is the term for the technology based on light. At DTU Photonics Engineering, we research into understanding the nature of light and all the ways in which we can control and use light. Photonics Engineering has become a key enabling technology for our society and is used, for example, both for our communication infrastructure, in the healthcare sector for the treatment of diseases and for secure communication on the Internet.
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BSc Network Technology & IT

Network Technology & IT is for those who wish to work with the newest technologies within the field of the internet, mobile phones, optical communication, Wi-Fi, computers and other technical areas that lay the foundation of today’s communication technology.
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MSc Photonics Engineering

Photonics Engineering is a very cross-curricular programme that evolves around the different roles which light plays in modern day’s high-technology society.
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MSc Telecommunication

Telecommunication plays a key role in the modern society. As an engineer of telecommunication you will contribute to developing the technology that our high-tech society runs on. This includes TV, radio, internet and mobile communication.
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