Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
Postdoc in Electron Beam Spectroscopy for Optical Materials Discovery DTU Physics 08 DEC 22
Postdoc in Electrolyte Development for Zn and Mg Batteries DTU Energy 09 DEC 22
PhD scholarship in IC Design DTU Electro 09 DEC 22
Postdoc in Computational Dose Control For Transcranial Brain Stimulation DTU Health Tech 09 DEC 22
Postdoc position in thin film deposition for ultrasonic MEMS DTU Energy 10 DEC 22
Postdoc in Nanometric anti-icing coatings for wind turbine wings (NanoWings) DTU Energy 11 DEC 22
PhD scholarship in Novel n-type Materials for Emerging Thin-Film Solar Cells DTU Electro 12 DEC 22
Assistance within Quantum Light Sources for Optical Quantum Information Processing DTU Electro 12 DEC 22
Postdoc in Methods and Software for Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse Problems DTU Compute 12 DEC 22
Assistant interested in biotech and digitalization DTU Bioengineering 12 DEC 22
PhD Student in Novel Bioreactor Configurations for Gas-Dependent Biocatalytic Reactions DTU Chemical Eng. 12 DEC 22
PhD scholarship in Chemistry DTU Chemistry 12 DEC 22
Postdoc in Interdisciplinary assessment of natural attenuation in groundwater contaminant plumes DTU Sustain 12 DEC 22
DTU Tenure Track Researcher in the correlation between microstructure and multi-scale mechanical behaviour of heterogeneous materials DTU Sustain 12 DEC 22
VPX-Fellow: Electrolyte Chemist DTU Physics 13 DEC 22