DTU Electro

Photo: Bax Lindhardt


The transforming power of light and electronics

Light and electronics - photons and electrons - are the key bits of tomorrows sustainable society. Where they meet, change is made.

At DTU Electro, we combine the immense possibilities of electrical and photonics engineering. Our research is, among other things, used in the healthcare sector for diagnostics, treatment and improving the quality of life. We research into the development of more sustainable energy systems, safer autonomous systems and a faster, greener and more secure internet.

We are in the process of merging the two former departments, DTU Elektro and DTU Fotonik into the new department, DTU Electro. At the same time, we are integrating the two old websites into a new website, which will be ready soon.

Meanwhile, you can still find relevant content at DTU Fotonik and at DTU Elektro.

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Sarah Ruepp

Communication and Cyber Technology


DTU Fotonik improves communication technology for sustainable and efficient digitalization of society.

Photo: Bax Lindhardt

Bio and Health Technology


DTU Fotonik contributes to new breakthroughs in the bio and healthcare sector.

Green and Sustainable Societies


DTU Fotonik's research focuses on creating green and sustainable energy saving solutions.

Quantum Technology


DTU Fotonik develops insights and new technology that can be used for future quantum computing.