Another Reviewer Award at DTU Fotonik

torsdag 09 feb 17

DTU Fotonik’s Postdoc Christos Tserkezis is among the winners of the Outstanding Reviewer Award 2016. Christos Tserkezis is recognized for “the high quality and timeliness” of his reviews for Journal of Optics.
His contribution as reviewer makes it possible for the journal to maintain its high standard. “Peer-reviewing plays an important role in scientific publishing, as it helps ensure the quality of the published research”, says Christos Tserkezis, “As an author you want your paper to be treated carefully, promptly and fairly by the reviewers. It is only natural that you should treat the work of your colleagues in the same way. It definitely feels nice being recognised for your services to the community.”

The award is given by IOP Publishing to a very small amount of reviewers who have provided exceptional service to the journal during the year.

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